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Library & Learning Services: Library Advent 2023

Day 1

The first of December, a star shining bright,

Leading the way to our library website.

Day 4

It’s journals you’ll find at December four,

We’ve access to thousands; you couldn’t want more.

Day 7

December seventh and we’re on databases.

Where masses of articles are stored in one place.

Day 10

Our blankets so cosy are at December ten.

Feeling the cold? Take one from the desk to be toasty again.

Day 13

Reserving a book, our ‘lucky’ thirteen.

Great to use if other students have been very keen!

Day 16

At December sixteenth find out about our inductions,

Learn all things library, with our helpful instruction.

Day 19

Cite them Right is so helpful at referencing time,

You’ll find out all about it at December nine(teen).

Day 22

December twenty-two and the resource is EndNote.

Helps manage your references when you paraphrase or quote.

Day 2

December second it’s Heritage Online,

You can search for books and resources in your own time!

Day 5

The fifth of December it’s our Find It tool,

Searching lots of our databases, isn’t that cool.

Day 8

An amazing resource comes on December eight.

Anatomy T.V – it really is great!

Day 11

December eleventh is about booking a space

To study. Where is your favourite place?

Day 14

December fourteenth showcases our college repository.

The work of our researchers in all of its glory.

Day 17

Social media features on December seventeen.

Get our X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram up on your screen.

Day 20

Skills for Study is next on December twenty.

The four useful modules will help you learn plenty.

Day 23

Photocopying services come at December twenty-three.

Printing and scanning from only 5p!

Day 3

December third and just take a look,

At our amazing collection of print and eBooks.

Day 6

December sixth we learn about Inter-Library loans.

Access to chapters and articles the library doesn’t own.

Day 9

The loaning of laptops for December nine.

If you need to borrow one, fill the form in and sign.

Day 12

Requesting a book is at December twelve.

Let us know if there’s a book you’d like on the shelf.

Day 15

Our opening hours come on December fifteen.

For Monday to Sunday and all the days in between.

Day 18

December eighteenth is all about returning,

and borrowing books, so you can keep learning.

Day 21

Special events and promotions at December twenty-one.

You can see from the photos that we love to have fun!

Day 24

And finally, Christmas Eve, your library team.

We love to help you to learn; we think you’re all …… great!