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Copyright: Online Resources

Online resources

Most online resources (databases, e-journals, e-books) are made available through subscriptions held by Learning Services. Access to AECC University College staff and students is allowed under the terms of licences. All students and staff are responsible for ensuring that they comply with resource licences.

Databases E-books and E-journals

The licences under which library electronic resources are available have specific terms and conditions which stipulate whether you are allowed do things like print, download, share or re-use electronic material. The majority of the copyright exceptions, that came into effect from 1 June 2014, such as copying for non-commercial research and private study (S29), can no longer be overridden by the terms of individual resources. However in situations where the exceptions do not apply (such as commercial use) you will need to refer to the terms and conditions of each resource you would like to use or re-use.

Add links to material


 Add links to e-books, journals articles. Ask us for help with 'permalinks' links that work on and off-site.
Image CC0 PD, from Pixabay.

Stay safe

Some general rules to keep you safe:

  • You may not share any material with unauthorised users (for example, non-members of AECC University College)
  • All use must be for non-commercial purposes, that is private use only, such as for research, teaching or study
  • You must never disclose your AECC University College password(s) to anyone else
  • If you want to bring any licensed material (e.g. e-journals or e-books) to the attention of AECC University College students or colleagues, please link to it rather than e-mail it or obtain a scanned copy from Learning Services
  • Do not make licensed material available to others over any kind of network without checking the terms of the licence.