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Copyright: Social Media

Social Media

Social media names on a sphere
Image CC0 PD, from Pixabay.

Sharing content on Social Media

Social media services are now widely used for personal, professional and educational purposes and the lines differentiating these different uses are often blurred.

It is important to be aware that use of copyright material on social media sites usually requires permission and the risk associated with infringing copyright is dramatically increased when it is done on behalf of an organisation or institution.

It is essential for anyone using social media in a professional context to be aware of what the terms and conditions of the service state and what rights you may be giving the operators of the service.

Most of the major social network services have transparent terms of use and don't assert ownership of individual users work. However they almost always claim a broad range of re-use permissions from those uploading and put the responsibility for third party rights clearance on to the person uploading content.

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