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Copyright: Websites

World Wide Web

World Wide Web
World Wide Web by frankieleon is licensed under CC BY 2.0.


Websites usually contain many (if not all) types of copyright work and have terms of use which determine what users may do with the content. However most websites include material owned by a wide range of rights holders so you must be aware of this if you are looking to re-use material (i.e. the website owner may not be able to grant the permission you need). The British Library's copyright terms of use provide an example of the range of conditions which may apply to content.

Posting content on a website is effectively publication and use of third party content can easily be traced by rights holders. Ignorance is no defence for those caught unlawfully using copyright material without permission as the responsibility for clearing copyright always rests with the party who is publishing the content. Rights holders may well contact infringers asking for immediate payment or suffer legal action. If you are responsible for posting online content on behalf of the College you should take great care over copyright permissions or applicable exceptions.

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