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Copyright: Scanning and Photocopying


Scanning any material for the purposes of incorporation into Moodle, PowerPoint presentations or other teaching materials must either be covered by the Copyright Licensing Agency Licence, other licence held by AECC University College, or be undertaken with specific permission from the rights holder.

Only Library staff may make digital copies of this kind. In order to provide this service we use a repository managed by the CLA.  The Library will scan the item and provide you with a stable link to a copyright-compliant copy.  You can only use this link once for the specific unit you have requested it; if you wish to use the same material in another unit, you will need to contact the Library.

Individual staff must keep a record of all permissions they have gained for any material copied which is not covered by the Copyright Licensing Agency or other licence agreement.

Academic staff wanting to make digital copies of book chapters, journal articles or images available to students should contact Library staff at least five working days before access is required. Please use the scanning request form on this webpage.

What can be scanned?

What can be scanned

Published material (with some exceptions), held in the Library or paid for via the British Library's copyright clearance service and covered by the CLA licence.

The following extent limits apply:

  • up to 10% or one whole chapter of a book whichever is greater
  • up to 10% or one whole article, whichever is greater, from a single issue of a journal
  • up to 10% or one whole article, whichever is greater, from a set of conference proceedings
  • up to 10% of an anthology of short stories or poems or one short story or one poem of not more than 10 pages, whichever is the greater
  • up to 10% or one single case, whichever is the greater, from a published report of judicial proceedings

The copy should also be from the latest published edition of the work, unless there is a pedagogical reason why an earlier edition is needed.

The licence allows a digital copy to be made of a visual image, whether full or part page, but the Copyright Notice and Data Reporting are still needed for every single page/image scanned.

Please note that where a digital version (online journal / e-book) of the material is available this should be used in preference to a scanned version. If you need assistance creating ‘permanent links’, accessible on and off-site, please ask Learning Services staff.

 What can't be scanned

Categories of material not covered by the licence include:

  • printed music including the words
  • maps and charts
  • newspapers
  • any work that the copyright owner clearly says can't be copied under the CLA Licence

See more about CLA excluded categories and excluded works

Alternative formats

We can supply large print copies under the same licensing conditions.

Photocopying for teaching purposes

Multiple photocopies can be made for and on behalf of registered students and contracted members of staff with the following provisos:

  • the copy must be made from an original copy of the book or journal which is owned by AECC University College, or from a Copyright-Fee Paid photocopy obtained from the British Library
  • copies can only be made for AECC University College students or staff
  • the material must be covered by our CLA Licence 
  • copies made should not exceed the following restrictions: 10% or one chapter of a book; one article from a single journal issue
  • the number of copies that can be made consists of one copy for each student on the course of study plus one copy for the tutor.

Scanning request form

Further help

Contact Learning Services for further help and advice. 
Phone: +44 (0)1202 436306