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Copyright: Printed publications

Printed works

Printed books in a circle
Image CC0 PD, from Pixabay.

Printed publications

The use of printed publications is still an integral part of the Higher Education environment. Copying of extracts from books, journals and other publications is largely covered by our Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) licence . The CLA licence allows multiple copying of limited extracts for teaching and study provided that the College owns a legitimate original copy. Generally speaking this is defined as whichever is the greater of one article/chapter or 10% of the publication. If you want to copy any more than these amount limitations, or the content you are looking to use is excluded from the CLA licence you will either need to get permission from the publisher/relevant rights holder or determine that an exception to copyright applies.

There are provisions in UK law which allow libraries to provide each other with copies of copyright material and to provide copies to users of the library. These laws enable the College to operate the Inter Library Loans Service by sourcing content from other libraries such as the British Library.

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