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Employability and Careers: CV Writing and your Online Profile

Employability and Careers LibGuide

CV Writing

Some tips for CV writing

  • As a general rule, keep your CV to two A4 pages
  • Show how you meet the job or course requirements
  • Focus on relevant information and use the space well
  • Aim to get the most relevant information early in the CV
  • Sell yourself - provide examples of the skills and qualities required, whether that is through your studies, work experience or interests
  • Consider using bullet points rather than paragraphs when describing your experiences and skills
  • Emphasise your achievements
  • Use plain language; avoid jargon and acronyms where they may not be understood
  • Ensure you include dates and locations (town/city) for education and work 
  • Use common fonts (e.g. Arial) and black text on a white background to make it easy to read
  • Check your spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Ask a friend to proofread your CV.
  • Book an appointment with Student Services who can help you review your CV.
  • The University of Oxford Careers Service website has further guidance on CV writing.

Your professional profile

It is important for you consider your online presence early on in your University career. This is how you present yourself to the world, including to your potential future employers or clients. Make sure your 'digital footprint' showcases you at your best. For more support on your digital footprint see our guide or book a one-to-one session with a librarian. 

Social media websites like Twitter may allow you to present a professional profile, but LinkedIn is like an online CV. So think carefully about the images you use and highlight your work experience and skills. You can often find potential employers on social media websites like LinkedIn and it can be a useful way to get to know them before your interview. The Prospects website also provides some guidance about using social media when looking for employment